Drywall Services

big-timber-kitchen.jpgIn addition to plastering, which can take several days or more than a week, we are experienced drywall contractors. We are skilled at drywall installation and repair services, and can provide you with quality product in a fraction of the time it would take to finish the interior of a home in plaster.

Drywall is a pre-fabricated building material composed of gypsum plaster pressed between two pieces of thick paper. We cut the sheets of drywall to fit the walls of your home, and install the drywall quickly. Following that, we apply joint compound to the walls and they are ready to be painted as soon as the compound has dried. This entire process takes as few as one to two days.

Mallon Plastering offers quality plastering, stucco, texturing, and drywall services in Bozeman and Big Sky. Contact us today at (406)599-8556, or by email at mallon@mallonplastering.com to schedule your appointment.