Plastering Services

robinson-arch-2.jpgPlastering is one of the most durable, soundproof, and visually attractive ways to finish the inside of a home. We have over 10 years of experience providing plastering services in the Bozeman area, and a reputation for the highest excellence in product and service quality.

Plaster is more labor-intensive than other finishing processes. Lathing installation takes significantly more time than drywall setup, but provides a sturdy foundation for well-insulated walls. The plaster is mixed and applied in three coats, allowing the plaster to dry for a day between each coat. This also adds to the walls’ insulating properties and provides a degree of fire-resistance due to the gypsum in the plaster. Since plaster is a liquid upon application to the lathing, it is ideal for creating curved and complex surfaces.

Mallon Plastering offers quality drywall, stucco, texturing, and plastering services in Bozeman and Big Sky. Contact us today at (406)599-8556, or by email at to schedule your appointment.